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Liz Cutler, founder of ArtWaves in Town Hill, brings us 'A Few Pieces in Felt, a Lot in Oils' 

If you need a gift, one of these lovely works might be just the thing?

In her diverse body of work , Liz Cutler captures parts of the coast in a variety of media, including oil painting, felted wool, mosaic and more. She explores re-presenting the sense of being there.   Whether it's a scene from MDI or Vinalhaven, each piece reflects a moment, a spark, something that beckons her to paint. It typically starts with a quick paint sketch, mixing the colors, then adjusting and placing them in.  Then the moment changes.

Living with original art is a transformative experience, it replicates  the experience of being there and once installed  as the light changes, or when it gets viewed from another angle it is slightly different, you can feel  the magic of original art. The pricing in this exhibit  opens these pieces up to a wider audience, so more can  bring a piece of the shoreline into their  homes. Liz hopes to share the joy of these wonderful moments and places.